Calan Gaeaf (aka Samhain)

Red Oak Grove, ADF
South Jersey's official Druid chapter
Joyfully invites YOU to celebrate

Calan Gaeaf
(aka Samhain)


Pomona Lodge, Camp Ockanickon,

1303 Stokes Rd

Medford, NJ

November 3-5, 2017

Directions & Map

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We welcome all to our family-friendly events! Pray to the Old Gods and Party in the Pines with
wonderful Wiccans, Dancing Druids, Happy Heathens and other beautiful, Earth-centered,
spiritual folk! Sit by our fire and be surrounded by the glory of Nature! Enjoy a weekend of
Fellowship, Spirituality, and Laughter in a warm cabin with cozy beds and flushy bathrooms! There will be
a Community Bonding Ritual, good eats, a Scary Story Contest, a Dumb Supper, a cRaZy PaGaN Auction,

a Workshop about Rhiannon & Math ap Mathwnowy, and a Jack o'Lantern Carving Competion!
Experience all of this and more for as low as the great price of $50 for the WHOLE weekend.

That's $10 off the at-the-door price of $60!

(and we can't guartantee there will be any cots left by then.)

***But, to get that price, you MUST pre-register
and pay
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Youth guests aged 10-17 are only $40 when accompanied by a parent.

Day Pass: $25


By the way, at Red Oak Grove events children 9 and under are always free!
~Member Prices, if pre-registgered and paid~
Cyfaill: $40
Tylwyth $30

Youth $25

Day Pass:  $20
***After the pre-registration deadline: $60***


The harvest is in, the outdoor activities of the Summer are over and it's time to start pulling
ourselves inside for the Dark Season. 'Calan Gaeaf', the First Day of Winter is nearly here! The
Druidic year is coming to a close and we cautiously approach the day between the years: Samhain -
'Summer's End' - the most important, and perhaps the most frightening day of the year.

Here’s what we have in store for Calan Gaeaf

The lodge has 30 single-bed-sized bunks in each with mattresses,
but no bedding, so bring a sleeping bag and pillow, or sheets and blankets.

We’ll be plenty warm enough by the lodge’s big fireplace, or cooking in the full kitchen.

Connect with your Spiritual Side

Community Bonding Ritual
The “Defod Cymuned” is Red Oak Grove’s community ritual where we celebrate the Kindred and each other by sharing our recent accomplishments, honoring the Gods or loved ones in our lives, and perhaps even making an oath over the sacred community cup! Bring your favorite beverage and favorite drinking vessal as we toast to each other, our Ancestors, the Nature Spirits, and the Shining Gods and Goddesses! This amusing and moving Friday ritual is one you don’t want to miss!


Main Ritual
We’ll purify ourselves, Open the Gates between the Worlds, honor the Three Kindred and call upon the ancient Gods and Goddesses of the Druids. We will then heap upon Them our gifts and praises and let Them reciprocate by sending Their Blessings down to us. The Deity of the occasion is Rhiannon and appropriate Praise offerings to Her are anything that reminds you of nurturing and abundance – from a baby rattle to a bottle of beer!

Have Some Fun!

Jack-o-Lantern Carving

Bring yourself a pumpkin and some carving tools – it’s gonna get messy! Carve silly faces, scary faces, and everything in between – we’re making Jack-o-Lanterns to light our night-time Calan Gaeaf (Samhain) ritual!


Buy some Cool Pagan Crap!

We will have a cRaZy pAgaN Auction where you can donate your OLD Pagan crap and buy some completrely NEW old Pagan crap!

WOW! This is GREAT!  The prices will be low, low, low, so you'll want to buy a LOT!

But make sure you bring us lots of your dusty, old stuff so you have room for the  bright and shiny NEW stuff you'll be bringing home!

All proceeds go to the Red Oak Grove Fun Fund, to pay for things like yummy snacks, workshop supplies, and Whisky for our Community Rituals!

Click here for a letter explaining a few more details.


Scary Story Competition!


Do you know a scary story? It could be real or imagined. Yours or someone elses.

Let's scare the bejeebers outta each other for an hour or two and see where THAT takes us!


LEARN  Somethin'  fer  Heaven's  Sake!

Workshop:  Inclusiveness and Liminality
We of the Red Oaks try and broaden ourselves into being more inclusive with our practice to the people who attend. As the world changes we need to broaden ourselves more. In the following year I would like, with help, to present a series of workshops. These would be on  Age and Ablest, Marriage and Child Status, and Class and Race, and how it connects to our faith and the hidden privilege. At Calan Gaeaf I will lead a group round table discussion on Age and Ablest and how we can be more Inclusive to our 4th Kindred. 

Presentor Bio:
Maurilee is an ADF Dedicant as well as a Tylwyth member of Red Oak Grove and the current Awenydd (channeler) of Cernunnos. Maurilee has been practicing Paganism since October of 2006 and is Reiki 1 and World Service Order certified.


Food and Drink!

As always, we ill be feeding you really well!
But here's a SPECIAL Dinner, just for Calan Gaeaf:

Dumb Supper with The Mighty Dead!

Bring a photo or two of your most beloved ancestors, because we’re saving them a place at the table for our Saturday feast! During this solemn dinner, we eat in silence as we think of our loved ones who have gone before us. Keep your heart and mind open, because you never know who might drop by for supper!

We’ll provide plenty of Food

We will supply 5 tasty meals, starting with a simple Celtic supper of soup and bread on Friday and ending with homemade Pancakes & Maple Syrup on Sunday morning. We’ll also have snacks, and hot & cold beverages available all the time. To cut down on waste and dish-washing, we request everyone to bring their own plate, bowl, cup & utensils, and wash your own stuff after meals. Thank you!

If you want to contribute food
We know it’s a tradition to bring food and drink to share, and we don’t want to squelch that, but before you decide to prepare a huge pan of something, please consider that we will be preparing enough food to feed everyone, we hate wasting food, and we have very limited space in the cabin fridge. So if you do bring food, don’t make too much. Non-perishable snacks and goodies and any kind of beverages to share in between meals are always welcomed and enjoyed!

Community Service Project

The Red Oak Grove Community Service Committee is asking that attendees bring an item to donate to the Food Bank of South Jersey. During our Harvest Season it is important to remember to give to others. We thank you for your participation. Please view the link provided for suggested donation items.

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See You Soon!