Red Oak Grove, ADF

 Joyfully invites YOU to celebrate:

 Alban Elfed or Harvest End

aka: Mabon or Autumn Equinox

Pakin Pond Picnic Area, Brendan Byrne State Forest

SATURDAY ONLY: September 22, 2018

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 Comraderie!  Workshops!  FUN!
Pie Competition!  Happy Harvest Dinner!


Experience all of this and more for just $5
(if you register and pre-pay by September 17)
or $10 at the event.

(Children 9 and under are always free!)

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Red Oak Grove welcomes all to their family-friendly and enjoyable events, attended by wonderful Wiccans, dancing Druids, happy Heathens and other beautiful, Earth-centered, spiritual folk, in the gorgeous pine and oak forests of southern New Jersey. Brendan Byrne State Forest is our traditional ‘home’ where Red Oak Grove began all those years ago.  We’ll be at the Pakin Pond Picnic Area, under a roomy pavilion, with modern restrooms just a few yards away.

Come enjoy a full day filled with spirituality and fun! 

Here’s a little of what you can look forward to:


Connect with your Spiritual Side

Druid Ritual

We’ll purify ourselves, Open the Gates between the Worlds, honor the Three Kindred and call upon the ancient Gods and Goddesses of the Druids. We will then heap upon Them our gifts and praises and let Them reciprocate by sending Their Blessings down to us. The Deity of the occasion is Rhiannon and appropriate Praise offerings to Her are anything that reminds you of nurturing and abundance – from a baby rattle to a bottle of beer!


Learn Something

Queer Paganism
Maurilee & Vela will lead a group round table discussion about the intersection of the Queer and Pagan communities. Topics will include how fertility, nature based religions can best be inclusive of gender and sexual diversity, working with Deities from gender fluid and non-heterosexual perspectives, and more. We look forward to seeing you there and hearing your thoughts and discussing YOUR questions! Here is a fairly comprehensive Queer Pagan reading list we wanted to share with you.

Vela Chandra

Vela Chandra is a Tylwyth member of Red Oak Grove and is the current Grove Scribe and Priestess. She is also an Offeriad of Brigedd (Priestess channeler) and the current Awenydd (channeler) of Cerridwen for the Grove.


Maurilee is an ADF Dedicant as well as a Tylwyth member of Red Oak Grove and the current Awenydd (channeler) of Cernunnos. Maurilee has been practicing Paganism since October of 2006 and is Reiki 1 and World Service Order certified.


Pot-Luck Brunch!

Bring Bagels, Cinnamon Buns, Breakfast Bars, Cereal & Milk, Donuts, OJ and other juices, Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa, Cold Milk, Bloody Marys (!) , Mimosas (!) And anything else you think humans would enjoy in the late morning on a Lazy Saturday!

Fabulous 'Thanksgiving' Feast

We will end a glorious day with a glorious Feast! Red Oak Grove will supply Roast Turkey, Stuffing and Gravy. We invite our guests to contribute any side-dishes they like (e.g.: Salads, Cranberry Sauce, Breads, Desserts, etc.)

Click here to register for the Pot Luck. (Otherwise, we might end up with 40 cans of Cranberry Sauce! ;-)

 (To cut down on waste and dish-washing, please bring your own plate, bowl, cup & utensils. Thank you!)

Food Donations:
A big part of the spirit of the Harvest concerns generosity and sharing. As part of ADF and Red Oak Grove’s commitment to public service, a donation box will be available at our events, to be taken to a local Food Bank for the benefit of hungry families. Your donations are greatly appreciated!



Pie Competition:

Do you make a mean pie?! Enter it in our Pie Competition and maybe take home a prize! 


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Remember:    SATURDAY ONLY: September 23, 2017