Red Oak Grove, ADF

South Jersey's official Druid chapter

 Joyfully invites YOU to celebrate:

Calan Awst

(aka Lughnasadh, or Lammas)

Location: Bass River State Forest
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August 10-12, 2018

It’s the first Harvest! The Feast of Lugh! We welcome all to our family-friendly events! Pray to the Old Gods and Party in the Pines with wonderful Wiccans, Dancing Druids, Happy Heathens and other beautiful, Earth-centered, spiritual folk! Sit by our fire and be surrounded by the glory of Nature! Enjoy a weekend of Fellowship, Spirituality, and Laughter! There will be Camping, Workshops, Community Bonding Ritual, Music, All Meals Provided, and of course a Main Ritual on Saturday! 

Experience all of this and more for as low as the great price of $40 for the WHOLE weekend, meals included, when you pre-register! 

That's $10 off the at-the-door price of $50!  But, to get that price, you *MUST* pre-register and pay by July 28th

NON-Members: Please go here to register: Non-Member Event Registration

ROG Members: Please go here to register: Members-Only Event Registration

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**ROG Member's price:  $20 or $30**

Youth 10-17 accompanied by an adult are $20!  Children 9 and under are always free!

Day-Only Saturday rate is $25

Here’s what we have in store for Calan Awst:

We'll be bringing our cooking trailer and long tables, but if you can bring one too, it will be MUCH appreciated. 

Google Maps and Directions

Printable Map

Community Bonding Ritual:

The “Defod Cymuned” is Red Oak Grove’s new community ritual where we celebrate the Kindred and each other by sharing our recent accomplishments, honoring the Gods or loved ones in our lives, and perhaps even making an oath over the sacred community cup! Bring your favorite beverage as we toast to each other, our Ancestors, the Nature Spirits, and the Shining Gods and Goddesses! This amusing and moving Friday ritual is one you don’t want to miss!

The Grove Champion Competition

A series of 7 games and contests will be played. To be eligible for the Grove Champion award you must participate in at least 5 of them. For every other contestant you best, you receive 1 point. Add all your points from your 5 best games to determine your score. The highest score is our new Grove Champion! A beautiful Award will be presented to the Champion during the Main Ritual on Saturday evening!

Myth Understandings

This is the first event of The Grove Champion Competition, and the only one that is played with everyone in a group.  Write down three questions and their answers of your favorite Myths, ancient or modern.  We'll see if we can match your answers.  From Anubis to Zeus and U2 to Wonder Woman, any myth is fair game!


Red Oak Grove would like to extend an invitation to all who are interested to apply to present a workshop at one of our Outdoor events this year! Aside from the joy of enriching the minds of your fellow pagans, workshop presenters also get FREE admission to the event they present at, as well as FREE admission for one guest! So if you’re interested, please email  and we’ll be glad to send you the form!

Main Ritual:

As Lughnasadh is the Feast of Lugh, we honor his Welsh counterpart, Lleu, the God of Lightning, Skills and Games. But as the beginning of August is also the first Harvest, we also honor Rhiannon, the Goddess of Abundance, Fertility and Sensuality.  Feel free to bring a praise offering for either of these Deities, or one of your own personal favorites.  Praise offerings can be anything you value and want to share.  Especially appropriate are offerings of your skill: a poem, song, dance, juggling, etc. Our Main Ritual is scheduled for Saturday at 5pm.


We will provide all meals, including a Feast on Saturday evening.  Our Grove owns a fully-stocked Kitchen-Trailer and it's set up for everyone to use.  To cut down on waste and dish-washing, we request everyone to bring their own plate, bowl, cup & utensils, and wash your own stuff after meals.  Thank you!

Seventh Annual Lammas Bread Cook-Off:

Do you have a delicious bread, scrumptious pie or cake recipe?  Perhaps you’ve been complimented on your bodacious brownies, kick-butt biscuits? Crispy cookies or righteous cornbread?  Bring it to our annual Bake-Off which will be held Saturday evening.  Prizes will be awarded for the best sweet dish, best savory dish, and best overall.

If you want to contribute food:

Aside from our cooking competitions, please remember that we will be preparing enough food to feed everyone. So if you want to bring some food to share, please remember that we hate wasting food, and we have very limited space in our coolers, so if you do bring food, make sure you bring your own way to store it. Little things like non-perishable snacks and goodies and any kind of beverages to share in between meals are always welcomed and enjoyed!

Music around the Fire:

It’s one of our traditions to keep the energy going late into the evening with an awesome drum circle  around a roaring fire!  But why stop there? If you’ve got another instrument you’d like to play, bring it along! Bring your drum! Bring your hip scarf! Time to get Bardic! Let’s play, sing, dance, and maybe tell a story or two!

We’ll see you there!