Alban Hefin (aka Litha, Summer Solstice)

Red Oak Grove, ADF

South Jersey's official Druid chapter

 Joyfully invites YOU to celebrate:

Alban Hefin!

(aka Summer Solstice)

Laurel Run Park, 173 Creek Rd, Delran, NJ

Saturday June 16, 2018, from 12pm to 6pm

Directions and Maps (via Google)

SUMMER is HERE!  We welcome all to our family-friendly events! Pray to the Old Gods and Party in the Pines with wonderful Wiccans, Dancing Druids, Happy Heathens and other beautiful, Earth-centered, spiritual folk! Sit in the sun, or under the shade of a huge pavillion and be surrounded by the glory of Nature! Enjoy a full day of Fellowship, Spirituality, and Laughter! There will be Workshops, Music, a Chili Cookoff, and of course our Grove's 19th Birthday Party - complete with Ice Cream, Cake, & Party Games!

Experience all of this and more for as low as the great price of $5 if you pay in advance. or $10 at the gate.

As always, kids 9 and under are free!

To get the discount, you MUST pre-register
and pay
by Monday, June 13th

 Please go here to register:   ROG Picnic Registration


Here's what we have in store for our fun-filled Alban Hefin Picnic: 

Our Picnic will be held at the Pakin Pond Picnic area in Brendan Byrne State Forest. You can't swim in this pond, but it's reallly nice to lok at! There is a large covered pavillion to keep of the sun (or the rain), if needed, and there are rest rooms right there. There are also Charcoal BBQ Grills scattered around, in case you want to grill something for lunch..

Main Ritual = PARTY TIME!
Our Alban Hefin Ritual focuses on our Grove's Birthday. "Happy Birthday to ROG, Happy Birthday to ROG, the Sun’s All A-Shining, Happy Birthday to ROG!" It's 20 candles for Red Oak Grove this year, and just like every Alban Hefin, we will be sharing our birthday celebration with a celebration of the Summer Solstice and the Sun! Expect a cool surprise during this Midday
SATURDAY ritual!  Guests are invited to bring wrapped Presents for the Grove, if they wish. Some suggestions are Guinness, Tullimore Dew, and Cheeze Waffies! We are Registered at Woodland Liquors, right across the street!

Lunch: Bring your own, or go to Wawa or Romanza Pizza (both less than 3 miles away).


Dinner: Be prepared to feast on a wide variety of fabulous homemade Chilis. You bring the Chili, we'll supply Corn Bread, Tortilla Chips, Salsa, Jalepenos, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, Diced Onions & a selection of Hot Sauces to jazz it up!  See the Chili Cook Off, below: 

Eighth Annual Summer Solstice Chili Cook-Off:
Bring your big bowl of grandma's secret recipe or the one you saw on the Food Network last week - 'cause either has a great chance of winning! Each contestant must provide at least one quart of chili in its own pot. We ask that contestants watch their pot as it heats, and help in the clean-up afterward. Get ready for an incredible meal, 'cause the chili entries are always awesome! To enter, you MUST pre-register for the weekend, and let us know that you wish to enter the contest.

Food Donations:
As part of ADF and Red Oak Grove’s commitment to public service, a donation box will be available at our events, to be taken to a local Food Bank for the benefit of hungry families. Your donations are greatly appreciated!


Seasonal Workshop: Lleu Llaw Guyffes

Red Oak Grove, ADF works with a Welsh/Irish Hearth Culture and honors 7 specifics deities as the Grove patrons, including four seasonal deities. Join Bard Dafydd and Vela Chandra for the 5th in an informative series of 7 workshops discussing our Patrons and how we honor them. This workshop will focus on the High Day of Alban Hefin / Summer Solstice and our Summer Deity, Lleu Llaw Guyffes, the God of Many Skills!

About the presenters:

Bard Dafydd is the co-founder and Senior Druid of Red Oak Grove, ADF. He's a professional trainer, storyteller, and speaker. Within ADF he has held the offices of Vice ArchDruid, Chief of the Council of Senior Druids, Chief of the Welsh Kin, Chief Seer and Chief Bard – but not all at the same time! He has been presenting rituals, lectures and workshops at Neo-Pagan events for over 20 years.

Vela Chandra is an officer and member of Red Oak Grove, ADF. After walking the Pagan Path for nearly 20 years, she attended Red Oak Grove’s C alan Mai (Beltane) in 2013 and she joined both the Grove and ADF in June 2013. She was elected Grove Scribe in August 2015. Professionally, Vela juggles two careers; she is a Master’s level therapist providing counseling services to children and families and she is also a childbirth educator and doula. Vela is the mother of two beautiful sons, who can often be found at Grove events with her and her husband Vicente, who is also a member of Red Oak Grove and ADF.


 Please go here to register:   ROG Picnic Registration

Thank you!