Red Oak Grove, ADF
invites you to celebrate:

aka: Yule, Winter Solstice

December 16-18, 2016

Camp Ockanickon, Medford, NJ
Come to an event so awesome, it was once featured in the New York Times!

Enjoy caroling, feasting, Rituals, fellowship, walks in the woods, crafts, as well as Yuletide traditions such as: holiday dishes, candles, Mistletoe, yummy-treats and MORE!

Here are a few highlights of what you can expect at this weekend celebration:
The Night of Ninety-Nine Candles:

On Friday evening we will fill the lodge with bright candlelight, good cheer, sharing and singing! If you have a favorite candle, please bring it to illuminate and share in the joy.

Defod Cymuned Ritual

This is our own Celtic version of a Norse Sumbel. Everyone is urged to make a Toast during the 1st round and a Boast during the 2nd round. The 3rd round will be for optional Oaths. But we suggest you only make an Oath if you REALLY mean it. This should NOT be taken lightly. Only make an Oath after a lot of carefull thought and consideration. And leave yourself an 'out': "...and if I don't do this I will...."
Main Ritual:

At sundown on Saturday, we begin our Ritual by saying goodbye to the sun by lighting eight candles. These candles are then the only light in the cabin for the rest of the night. Each hour, we snuff one candle until there is only one; hammering-home the idea of how important the sun and light are to us. Then, in succession, we relight the candles, one each hour, until dawn when we complete the Ritual, and toast the rising sun with champagne. Some people use this night as a vigil, staying up until dawn. Some take a nap or two during the night and try to see most of the candle rituals. Others turn-in when they feel like it, and rise at dawn for the end of the Ritual. Whatever you want to do is fine.

One of the best aspects of this event is that we all contribute some tasty food. We've planned a menu which includes normal meals, and a series of snacks that come out periodically throughout the night. If you have a favorite recipe or treat that you would really like to bring, let us know and we can add it. We're flexible! Since we are snacking so often, portions can be small. There is a full kitchen with lots of burners and ovens, but if you need pots, pans, utensils or anything else to prepare or serve your dish, you must bring it with you.
Holiday Cookie Contest

For thousands of years this Holiday Season has been associated with one particular food item: Cookies! Bring your best homemade Holiday Cookie and pit it against the the fierce competition in our new Holiday Cookie Contest. The winner will receive a prize and some awesome bragging rights!

The lodge has two bunk-rooms, each with 15 single-bed-sized bunks. They have mattresses, but no bedding, so bring a sleeping bag or sheets and blankets - and a pillow. We usually designate one room for adults and the other for families.

Rhodd Dwyn ("Gift Theft"):

This is how the Celts play Pollyanna! Bring a wrapped gift (value $9.99-$13) and we'll play a card game in which gifts are peeked at, whispered about and outright stolen - until everyone ends up with one. It's a ton of fun! So, pick up some little thing that your average Pagan might like and wrap it up!

We have a bunch of Yule decorations from over 15 years of doing this event, but if you have a special decoration that you would like to show, we'd love to display it.


A big part of Saturday is appreciating just how long a 'long winter's night' really is! So, we encourage folks to try to stay up all night if they want. We have a lot of hours to fill and no TV. So, come prepared with stories, jokes, games, songs, dances, tricks and anything else you can think of to entertain ourselves. Please remember that for much of the night there is very little light, so your entertainment will be enjoyed in a pretty dark room.

Bardic Arts Competion:

Do you like music, poetry, stories and jokes?
Who doesn't?!

Sometime during the 'long winter's night' we will have competions in 4 traditional Irish Bardic Categories:


Bring your own work or interpret the work of another artist. Its the performance that counts. There will be prizes!

Seasonal Workshop: Alban Arthan & Math ap Mathonwy
Red Oak Grove, ADF works with a Welsh/Irish Hearth Culture and honors 7 specifics deities as the Grove patrons, including four seasonal deities. Join Bard Dafydd and Vela Chandra for the second in an informative series of 7 workshops discussing our Patrons and how we honor them. This workshop will focus on the High Day of Alban Arthan /Winter Solstice and our Winter Deity, Math ap Mathonwy.

About the presenters:

Bard Dafydd is the co-founder and Senior Druid of Red Oak Grove, ADF. He's a professional trainer, storyteller, and speaker. Within ADF he has held the offices of Vice ArchDruid, Chief of the Council of Senior Druids, Chief of the Welsh Kin, Chief Seer and Chief Bard – but not all at the same time! He has been presenting rituals, lectures and workshops at Neo-Pagan events for 18 years.

Vela Chandra is an officer and member of Red Oak Grove, ADF. After walking the Pagan Path for 16 years, she attended Red Oak Grove’s C alan Mai (Beltane) in 2013 and she joined both the Grove and ADF in June 2013. She was elected Grove Scribe in August 2015. Professionally, Vela juggles two careers; she is a Master’s level therapist providing counseling services to children and families and she is also a childbirth educator and doula. Vela is the mother of two beautiful sons, who can often be found at Grove events with her and her husband Vicente, who is also a member of Red Oak Grove and ADF.

We do everything we can to keep our event prices as low as possible, so all our friends can afford to attend. But at Yule we need to rent a large log-cabin lodge, so this event is a little more expensive. Adult guests can attend for just $50 if they register and pay by Dec 10 ($60 at the door). Youth aged 10-17 are $30. Children 9 and under are free if they share a bunk with their parents.

(Red Oak Grove Members prices: $30 for Tywlyth; $40 for Cyfaill).

Saturday-Only rates are available, but because of the nature of this event, you're really gonna want to attend for the entire weekend. Also, keep in mind that the event after this [Canol Gaeaf (Imbolc) Feb 5, 2017] is FREE, so if you average them together it's a GREAT deal!

It is VERY important that we know exactly who is coming and collect the event fees in advance, so we can pay the lodge reservation. Also, there are only 30 beds in the cabin, so if you want to celebrate Yule with ROG, you must RSVP and deposit to hold your place, As Soon As Possible.

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