Pakim Pond Picnic Area

at Brendan Byrne State Forest

(aka: "The State Park formerly known as Lebanon State Forest")

These directions start on 676, just on the Jersey side of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Driving Directions Trip
Start at I-676 0.0 0:00
Start on I-676
Drive for 0.6 miles (about 9 blocks) to US-30
0.6 0:01
Go east on US-30
Drive for 2.2 miles (about 3 minutes) to NJ 38
2.8 0:03
Go east on NJ-38
Drive for 0.7 miles to NJ-70
3.5 0:04
Go east on NJ-70
Drive for 26.3 miles (about 36 minutes) to Four Mile Circle
29.8 0:41
Go east on State Hwy 72
(one quarter turn around the circle)
Drive for 3.0 miles (about 5 minutes)
32.8 0:45
Turn left onto an unnamed/unmarked (but paved, not dirt/gravel!) street, directly across from mile marker 3.

This turn isn't marked by the State Park and it does not have a street sign.

But it is directly across from Mile Marker 3, so look for that on the right, and turn left when you see it.

Make a left
Follow the road until you see a sign on the left for Pakim Pond Picnic Area.
33.0 0:45

PS. If you get lost, call: (856) 313-7771

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