What Do Neopagan Druids Believe?
by Isaac Bonewits

Many of the members of Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship,Inc. ("ADF") have come to accept most of the following beliefs. However, it's important to remember that not everyone would use the term "belief" in reference to these concepts, and that every c Druidism is emphatically polytheistic. We have no figure of ultimate Evil.

Nature Worship
We believe that it is necessary to have respect and love for Nature as divine in Her own right, and to accept ourselves as part of Nature and not Her us Toleration We believe that it's difficult for ordinary humans to commit offenses against the Gods and Goddesses, short of major crimes such as ecocide or genocide. Our deities are perfectly capable of defending Their own honor without any need folance through the carefully planned alteration of their "normal" states of consciousness. We use both ancient and modern methods of concentration, meditation, reprogramming and ecstasy.

Community Responsibility
We believe that human interdependence implies community service. Some of us are active in political, social, ecological and charitable organizations, while others prefer to work for the public good primarily through spiritual means (and many insist on doing both).

We believe that if we are to achieve any of our goals, we must practice what we preach. Neopagan Druidism, like any other religion, should be a way of life, not merely a weekly or monthly social function. So we must always strive to make our lives consistent with our proclaimed beliefs.

Cooperation and Defense
We believe in cooperation and ecumenical activities with those members of other faiths who share all or most of these beliefs. We also believe in resisting efforts by members of dysfunctional religions who seek to persecute us or suppress our human rights.