Sacred Texts

    Although the Druids are said to have never committed any teachings to writing, and though we have no actual ancient sacred texts, as Neo-Druids who worship a Welsh pantheon, we at Red Oak Grove have some certain texts which we consider sacred.

    Now, by "sacred" we don't mean that we believe these works are the words of the gods; nor do we think these are immutable texts. We recognize that the texts we have to work with were produced during the Middle Ages, and so went through 500-1000 years of Christian culture until they were set to paper. However, we realize that they also contain a large dose of mythology and pagan lore, and so we rely on them as texts for rebuilding our relationship with the Kindred.

    The Mabinogion and the Mabinogi
    What is the Mabinogion?

    The 1st Branch: Pwyll
    The 2nd Branch: Branwen
    The 3rd Branch: Manawydan
    The 4th Branch: Math