Druid Spirituality

Druid Spirituality is based on re-establishing and strengthening our relationships with the Three Kindred:

  • The Nature Spirits are the spirits that inhabit the animals, plants and minerals of our Earth. There are also Spirits of Fire, Water and the other elements.
  • The Ancestors are the honored Dead, our own relatives, and friends, as well as the people who lived on this land before us and the original ancestors of our culture.
  • The Gods are the Bright and Shining Ones who created the worlds and guide us as we travel through them. They are our inspiration and our beloved friends:
    • Don is the Mother Goddess, representing all feminine aspects of reception. She is the same Goddess as Dana or Danu, in the Irish pantheon.
    • An Dagda is the Father God, representing all attributes of projection. His name means "Excellent God" and He provides protection, abundance.
    • Cernunnos is the wise Sage of the Greenwood. He is the Hermit who withdrawals from civilization to concentrate on the affairs of the mind and spirit. We use Him to open the Gates between the Worlds so we can safely travel to the Otherworld and commune with the Gods.
    • Brigedd is the young and beautiful Goddess of Healing, Crafts, and Inspiration. She represents Springtime, Dawn and all new beginnings.
    • Lleu is the many-talented God of Skill, Action and Joy. He represents Summer, Noon and achievement.
    • Rhiannon is the Great Mother Goddess who represents Fertility, Nurturing and the Harvest. She represents Autumn, Dusk and completion.
    • Math ap Mathonwy is brother to Don and a great Magician. He represents Winter, Midnight and justice. We call upon His help assistance for magical workings.

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