Letter from the Pursewarden

Hi fOaks,

Welcome to all that have sought information on the Red Oak Grove! I welcome you, your beliefs and your energy to the workings of the Grove and hope that you can feel some sense of community and/or inspiration from our site.

Red Oak Grove, ADF has a unique leadership structure. Instead of having a Sr Druid who acts like the President and calls all the shots, we have 3 leaders of equal rank, who make all major decisions jointly, but each has their own area of primary concern.

I'm the Pursewardenenneath, and the Bylaws say the following about my job:


Shall be the person primarily responsible for the following:

a.     Keeping the Grove‚Äôs money and proper records of it

b.     Appointing Offices and assistants as needed, for example, Registrar, etc.

c.     Acting in the role of Treasurer, for legal purposes

(You can read the complete Bylaws at the bylaws page.)

Some of the things I am passionate about are the following:

1. I want to ensure that all members and guests feel welcome and appreciated.

2. I want to foster a feeling of strong reverence for nature and a gentle grove demeanor.

2. I want to create an environment that shows respect for individual beliefs and acceptance of differences.

3. I want to develop a consistent, organized event structure so that all needs are met and we can work as an efficient unit.

4. I want to continue merging the talents of the officers and members to create a stronger grove. 

So those are some of my ideas. I encourage you to let me know what you think of these and to give me other ideas about what you think I should be working on. You can write to me privately or use this list.


Myrddin Emerys, Pursewarden