Letter from the Pen Offeiriad

Hi fOaks,

Red Oak Grove, ADF has a unique leadership structure. Instead of having a Sr Druid who acts like the President and calls all the shots, we have 3 leaders of equal rank, who make all major decisions jointly, but each has their own area of primary concern.

I'm the Pen Offeiriad, (pron: off-EYE-ree-ad) or Senior Druid and the Bylaws say the following about my job:

1. Pen Offeiriad - Senior Druid and Spiritual Leader. 
   Shall be the person primarily responsible for the following:
a. Setting the liturgical calendar for the Grove
b. Conducting rituals and religious services
c. Conducting hand-fastings, memorial services, and other rites of passage
d. Maintaining the practice of Awen y Duwiau
e. Supervising the Crefyddion and their Offeiriadion
f.  Appointing Offices and assistants as needed, for example, Grove Liturgist, Grove Bard, Grove Seer, etc. 
g. Acting in the office of President, for legal purposes 
h. Acting in the role of Senior Druid, for ADF purposes.

(You can read the complete Bylaws at the bylaws page.)

Some of the projects I want to tackle right away are the following:

1. I want to continue training our members to be more comfortable in Ritual.

2. I want to develop some special members-only rituals, including Magical Working Rituals.

3. I want to develop other ways for members of ROG to feel more Spiritual connection with Nature, with the Ancestors, and with the Gods. Perhaps other ritual structures, meditation, nature walks, chanting, etc.

4. I want to develop more interest in Divination, especially the Ogham, and have more people explore this fascinating tool.

5. If any of our members are interested in pursuing the idea of channeling our primary grove Deities, I want to make myself available to help them.

So those are some of my ideas. I encourage you to let me know what you think of these and to give me other ideas about what you think I should be working on. You can write to me privately or use this list.

Also, please remember that I have some counseling skills and am very willing to help any Grove member who wants to talk about anything.