Letter from the Pen Athro

Hi fOaks! 
I hope you've been finding all the information on our website helpful thus far! As Druids, we delight in gaining knowledge and wisdom, and are all too happy to share ours with you!

Red Oak Grove, ADF has a unique leadership structure. Instead of having a Sr. Druid who acts like the President and calls all the shots, we have 3 leaders of equal rank, who make all major decisions jointly, but each has their own area of primary concern. 

I'm the Pen Athro, (pron: pen  ATH-ro) which means "Head Teacher" and the Bylaws say the following about my job: 
a. Continuing education of the Grove Members
b. Encouraging and supervising work on the ADF Dedicants Program, Study Program, Clergy Training Program, and other educational programs developed within ADF or the Grove 
c. Briefing Gwesti and visitors and answering their questions
d. Promoting the use of Welsh language within the Grove
e. Records of Grove activities, including omens, votes, attendance, etc.
f. Communications, including Website, email lists and newsletter
g. Compiling and submitting all Grove reports as required by ADF
h. Appointing Offices and assistants as needed, for example, Scribe, Webmaster, Chronicler, Lore Meeting teachers, etc.
i. Acting in the role of Secretary, for legal purposes
j. Acting in the role of Scribe, for ADF purposes.

(You can read the complete Bylaws at the bylaws page.) 

Some of the projects I want to tackle right away are the following: 
1. I want to create a library system for ROG's members.
2. I want to hold meetings at events for those in ADF study programs so we can share our experiences and encourage each other.
3. I want to promote online discussions through our Facebook pages or mailing lists so our collective knowledge can grow.
4. I want to coordinate Workshops at our events so that all members have a chance to share their wide range of knowledge and skills.
5. I want to help uphold the Bardic traditions by encouraging the creative arts at our events.

Those are a few of my ideas. I encourage you to let me know what you think of these and to give me other ideas about what you think I should be working on. You can write to me privately or use this list. 

Please know that I also have some sewing and costuming skills and would be happy to give any advice to a Grove member who wants help of this kind. 

Bright Blessings, 
Vela Chandra